10 Startups Change-Leaders in Indian Agribusiness

During the last decade we have witnessed a worldwide Revolution and Evolution of many aspects of our Life as humans.  It was 2008 when US National Intelligence Council included the Internet of Things in the 6 Civil Disruptive Technologies of the year.

It is due to the rapid rise of IoT groundbreaking tools and their progressive development, if today the greatest part of economy- besides our everyday life- is radically changed.

One of the many applications of IoT novel means is Agri-tech: short fort Agri-technology, it represents the use of technology in agriculture, acquaculture and forestry with the goal to improve profitability and territory efficiency.
Through smart geographic information systems operating via drones, satellites, light and heat control, etc. Agritech aims to improve Farming economy, monitoring the analysis of environment data such as conditions of soil, air temperature, pollution, weather, watercourses, pests, and all the relative variables.

In several areas in India, the Food Farming field is benefiting by this new-age wave of Innovation: being remarkably improved by this major transformation , through the adoption of innovative Agri-tech instruments in various outstanding ways: a model to look at today to spot the latest trends in terms of Agricultural innovation.
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