Waiting for the Short Circuit of combustible fuels: 18 years left

According to Max Erich and Jurjen Witteveen, economists at ING, in 2035 you’re pretty likely to be driving an electric car. Did you know?

Appearently the title of their report ‘Breakthrough of electric vehicle threatens European car industry’ has have such an impact on  the Automotive World that the biggest car firms have promptly announced new battery-powered models.
The challenge for Europe’s automotive industry will be to move from a traditional business model in which value is drawn from production and sales of cars to a business model that offers value in facilitating efficient and affordable car usage.

Eager to see EV charging stations at avery corner and enjoy the Silence that makes a smart power-driven city?
To find out more about, read the article written by Dom Galeon and published on Futurism.

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