ASSD – Scientific Association for Digital Health

The term Digital Health refers to the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to medical and social-healthcare areas.

The Scientific Association for Digital Health (ASSD) pursues the following aims:

  • Promote the constant upgrde of the Associates and so develop activities designed to adapt professional knowledges and better clnical abilities and competences, managerial techniques and the Associates’s behaviours towards scientific and technological progress in order to grant efficiency, appropriateness, safety and effectiveness of medical services provided.
  • Support healthcare professional in starting and improving digital healthcare paths and innovation of treatment modalities, deepening organising, social, technological, psychological aspects linked to the employ of ICT in processes of care, diagnosis, prevention and telemonitoring.
  • Foster E-Health culture, supporting programmes of specific formation to implement both in university courses of studies and university masters, both within ECM -Constant Medical Education-, the process through which health professionals keep themeselves updated in order to respond to patients’ needs; Sanitary Service’s requirements and their own professional development.

ASSD was founded by AITASIT – Italian Association of Technical Administartors of Information Systems and Telemedicine, CID – Caregivers Directors Committee Comitato, CONAPS – National Coordination of Health Professional Associations, TSRM – National Fedration Professional Healthcare Technical Colleges of Medical Radiology, and by Doctor Fernando Capuano and by the Engeneer Gregorio Cosentino. In 2018 joined the Association also ANTEL, the Italian Association of Technical Healthcare in Biomedical Laboratories and AISIS, the Italian Association of Health Information Systems.