The CleanEnergy Kingdom: where actualizing sustainable solutions is not a daunting challenge

Green energy is the Future of the World, but also our Present. At the moment the key Innovation is becoming more and more likely to be Self-producing – the possibility to produce energy for yourself, be that from prosumers or energy cooperatives-, rather  than renewable energy.

It was last May when the European Parliament was shook by the controversial debate on the revision of the renewable energy directive with Blanco Lopez’s proposals to increase the EU’s share of clean energy to a minimum of 35 per cent and to set binding targets for each EU country.
By now, a final decision hasn’t n been taken yet, -the Committee vote is scheduled in a few days- but  this Country has already reached -and sometimes outdone- the peak of this 35 per cent of renewable energy target coming from both self-producers and more generally renewable energies (water,wind,solar power).  And now, guess where is this Green Realm?

Germany is the answer. By now a bright positive example of a brilliant application of a certain fair attention to the environment  to look at and imitate with intelligence; a country where many startups are doing an excelent job networki ng among various areas of interest and taking  meaningful actions to fight climate change.
So, dear Green Startuppers, either your Innovative Project is offering a smart home solution, is involved in implementing autonomous energy regions , is  active in the roll-out of public charging stations for electric vehicles, or else, the German record is the proof that another way is feasible, beyond a virtuous model to look at and for you, can be an important sparkle on how to make your own sustainable business project work.

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