What’s a chatbot good for?

Chatbot: short for chat robot, a computer program that simulates human conversation through artificial intelligence.
Chat bots are used in applications such as e-commerce customer service, call centers, Internet gaming and recently as innovative systems of remote control of industrial productive processes.
Here we present the virtuous model of a small enterprise, a craft brewery that has chosen ‘Shelby’, a custom-made chatbot.

Shelby is giving the ‘Great Lakes Brewing Company’ –that’s their name- the chance to spend less time in monitoring the management of the whole business procedures and to focus more on the research for new ingredients and recipes and pay the greatest attention to Quality.

“What [brewers] want to do is automate the mundane: watching the temperature, recording data, checking timers. There’s a lot in the brewing process that can be easily automated. That’s where their creativity can actually help their business.” Said Stockinger, engineer-brewer-enterpreneur of this malty business kissed by the Chatbot..
To learn more, read the article written by Anita Balakrishnan and published on CNBC.com

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