Reinventing healthcare in digital age


April 10th, 4.30pm-6pm – Roma, Ergife Palace Hotel, Merida Venue

The Convention “Reinventing Healthcare in digital age”, organised by Geosmartcampus in collaboration with ASSD and Geoknowledge Foundation, is guest of the 2nd edition of the Geosmartcampus Innovation Forum 2019 at the Esri Conference titled “The Science of Where, Envisioning Where next ”

Ageing population, the following increase of the number of ”frail” patiens affected by several chronic pathologies, the necessity to reduce the costs of Health-car in a context of general ”spending review”and the ever-growing availability of avant-garde technologies and advanced medical devices, are driving health operators to to employ innovative solutions in order to take good care of patients.

Within this new framework, it is unanimous the confirmation on how nowadays technology can ease health procedures efficiency:

  • developing a new Hospitaller Information Sistem that can align with the evolution of the Healthcare models;
  • implementing projects of Telemedicine – by now mature – that allow to realize innovative models of medical assistance  in order to treat patients directly at home;
  • improving efficiency of medical treatments thanks to a smart management of the patients’s data within the FSE and bettering the traceability of samples of Pathological Anatomy;
  • paying the greatest attention to the protection of patients’s privacy, as required in the new european settlement GDPR;
  • and much more, with a special regard for digital competences and for patients’ and health workers’s empowerment.


Welcome greeting, Marco Mannucci Ratti, Co-founder & CEO @Geosmartcampus

Moderator: Gregorio Cosentino, President @ASSD


  • The Healthcare I’d like, Massimo Casciello, General Director @Ministero della Salute
  • New roles of healthcare workers, Lorena Martini, Advisor @Comitato Infermieri Dirigenti CID
  • The New Hospitaller Information System, Emilio Menechincheri, Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli (Roma)
  • Telemedicine and the new healthcare model, Sergio Pillon, Coauthor of national address lines about Telemedicine
  • FSE, consistency in patients’s care, Lorenzo Sornaga, LazioCrea
  • Automation of Pathological Anatomy procedures and reliance on ICT , Roberto Virgili, Coordinatore Tecnico Anatomia Patologica, @Campus Biomedico
  • Healthcare data protection, Massimo Montanile, Data Protection Officer, President @Associazione Privacy Safe
  • The Science of Where for Smart Health, Renzo Marin,  IT&Business Consultant

7pm – Social Dinner