News from Hospitality

Speaking of Business Travellers Home-Sharing sites are challenging – and in many cases beating-Hotels.
The market share of Business Tourers is becoming core in Hospitality industry, so the contest between Home-sharing sites and more traditional accomodations, is set up.
But what does Business travellers want?

Well, looking at the recent trends, beyond the often lower prices, the X-factor of an intimate, familiar environment to settle even for just one night, turns decisive when it comes to Rest.
Infact, being a guest in such homey shelter means a snatch from stress and job duties, a break from the ‘’fake plastic world’’ of Conference venues and workplaces with a dive into a less formal climate, where to maybe having a chat with the householders, maybe cooking your own meal.

Long story short, according to the reaction of many users to the evolution of Hospitality, it seems to be at its peak when it’s not just a hospitable space, but a welcoming and cosy environment to feel at home at.
To learn more, read the article written by Gulliver and published on The Economist