Luca Baldazzi

Cloud solutions, software, technical support and sales Manager for Electronic Innovation. 25-years-long experience in Electronics.


Federico Barilli, Italia Startup director

Over 22 years of working experience as general manager in first-class enterpreneurs associations active in ICT and startup sectors. At the beginnning of his carreer he collaborated with two international agencies of public relations, in the field of Enterpreneurship Communication.


Flavia Benedetti Valentini, Enel innovation specialist

She work sas aid in Gruppo Enel enterprises in the field of reaserach and of innovative solutions to integrate in business systems through the coordination of the Enel innovation Hub global web. She operates at a international scale and closely with startup business’.


Marco Bicocchi, Italia Startup president

CEO of management Srl strategic consulting agency, co-founder and Administration Advisor for the innovative startups nextome Srl and Condomani srl. Italia Startup President, innovative enterprises association. He’s been working as general manager in multinational companies such as EDS Electronic Data Systems, Ernst & Young, Etnoteam, Booz Allen Hamilton, A.T. Kearney. Since a few years is a business angel and enterpreneur, amd has been involved in founding and financing several technological startups, filling roles of advisor and Chairman of Management Board. In 2014 M. bicocchi pichi has been nominated Business Agel of the Year by the association IBAN (Italian business angels network).


Tiziana Catarci, full professor in Computer Science and Engineering at Sapienza University of Roma and director of the ECONA Interuniversity Research Centre

Tiziana Catarci is full professor in Computer Science and Engineering at Sapienza University of Roma and director of the ECONA Interuniversity Research Centre on the Cognitive Processing in Natural and Artificial Systems and of the Sapienza Design Research center. During 2010-14 she has been Sapienza vice-rector for technologies and infrastructures and during 2009-2014 she has been president of the Sapienza ICT service center. Tiziana Catarci’s main research interests are in theoretical and application oriented aspects of visual information access, human-computer interaction, user interfaces, usability, smart environments, information visualization, data management, data quality and digital libraries. On these topics she has published over 200 papers in international journals, conferences and workshop proceedings, and 20 books. Her contribution can be regarded as one of the first and most significant examples of deep analysis and formalization of the interaction between the user and the database, which takes in consideration both usability issues and language related aspects. Dr. Catarci is the Editor-in- Chief of the ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality. She is regularly in the programming committees of the main database and human-computer interaction conferences and is associate editor of the World Wide Web Journal and the Journal of Data Semantics. She has been co-chair of several important international conferences in both database and hci areas. In particular, in 2008, she has been the Co-chair of the 2008 edition of the largest and most important conference on human-computer interaction, ACM CHI. In 2003 she has been the recipient of the IBM Eclipse Innovation Award. In 2016 she has been nominated member of the prestigious European Academy of Sciences and Arts. In 2016 she has been included among the “100 Women for Science” project – http://www.100esperte.it/. In 2017 she received the Levi Montalcini Association award for the "diffusion of scientific culture among younger generations&quot


Fabio Cocurullo, Chief Technology Officer, Cyber Security & ICT Solutions Leonardo

Fabio Cocurullo is CTO of Leonardo Cyber Security & ICT Solutions Line of Business (LOB). Fabio is responsible for Technology Planning, Research & Development Projects and Funded Research Programs in the field of Cyber Protection, Industrial & SCADA Security, Big Data and IoT Solutions. Fabio joined Leonardo (formerly Finmeccanica Group), after working at starting up one of the leading Italian Internet Provider. He co-chairs (European Cyber Security Organization) WG6 in charge of defining and updating the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, is a member of AFCEA. Fabio holds a Dottorato (Ph.D.) in computer science and telecommunication, a MSc in Electronic Engineering and is the author of more than 15 scientific papers.


Italo de Feo, Partner at CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni

Partner at CMS. After carrying out his activity in various international studios in Rome and London, Italo became co-Head at Technology Media & Communications department for the CMS studio in Italy and coordinator of of the ‘Technology’ practice at a global scale.Italo operates in the commercial law sector, regarding new technologies and intellectual property issues, with a special consideration for technological service outsourcing, software and licenses, private and public procurements, internet and telecommunications regulations, privacy.His double qualification as italian and english lawyer (Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales) is in addition to his (LLM) master in german law achieved with distinction.In 2014, 2016 and 2017 he was given the prize ‘Lawyer in Information technology of the Year’ at the IP&TMT Awards on the Legal Community magazine.He’s member of the Extended Faculty of the Politecnico di Milano School of Management. He’s also Chairman of EOA Italy (European Outsourcing Association).


Alessandro Dell’Orto, Milan Chapter Chairman at IBREA

Architect by vocation, with a multidisciplinary and generalist vision of his profession. Expert in crypto-currencies since 2013, with experience in mining and analysis of crypto markets, sice ever enthusiastic in challenging himself with new projects and bringing new technologies in the Real estate field, he decided to combine the exigencies of the real estate sector with new and visionary opportunities the Blockchain technology can offer. In 2015 he started developing the idea of a digital platform conceived for the real estate ecosystem and became Chapter Chairman Milano at IBREA, International Blockchain Real Estate Association, and today organises meetups to find synergies and spread the know-how about the potentials of of Blockchain. In 2018 he founded the Swiss company BrikBit Digital Shares Sagl in order to develop an operating system with an own crypto-currency and smart contracts for planning, management and creation of Real Estate projects using scalability and transparency that Blockchain can grant.


Alberto DeMonte, Founder of DeMonte&Network

Over 20 years of professional experience, of which 17 as consultant of the managemnt sector at multinational companies (Top Fortune Global Companies), big business enterprises and SMEs. Especially with SMEs, Alberto has worket directly with enterpreneurs as well as with banks and private equity funds, or investement. His experience has developed mainly in industrial areas regarding services and manufactury, transport&logistics, aerospatial and defense, industrial implants, ICT,oil&gas, in which he was active about the business development (markets and products), innovation, startegic projects implementation. Beyond his activity as consultant, Alberto deMonte work as advisor and busienss angelfor innovative startups. About the mobility sector has developed specific competences concerning data communication, smart transportation systems, e-mobility.


Dario Di Santo, Managing Director di FIRE

Dario DiSanto graduated in mechanical engineering and energy managemnt at Università La sapienza, since the early studies he dedicated to energetic efficiency and renewable energy sources. In the years, first with ENEA, the with FIRE, -that he directs since 2007- and as free professional, carried out activities concerning the promotion of sustainable development and energetic efficiency, dealing with communication and dissemination, researches and surveys, european projects, beyond human resources management. Amongst the issues he  through the years there are the evolution of energetic market, organisational and technological solutions to favour a better use of energy, the legislation of incentives and financial tools.

Info: http://www.dariodisanto.com


Gianluigi Ferri, Founder & CEO of Innovability

He has been coordinating important software development projects for italian financial markets, dealing with marketing and designing new stock market information systems via satellite and on cellular network.

Ferri also promoted flagship events concerning te telecommunications ecosystem in Italy, especially in innovative technologies such as IoT, Wearable, Robotics + AI and Blockchain.

In 2010 he founded Innovability, a marketing-development dedicated company also dealing with emerging digital technologies. He took part to the building stage of several fairs about ITC and is currently collaborating with the organisers of national and international tradeshows.


Alfio Fontana, Energy Manager Carrefour Italia

Current Energy Manager of the Carrefour Italia group, his working focus is on development and implementation of energetic efficiency systems, costs reduction and pollutant emissions abatement.Within the ‘’energy and Sustainability’’ teamwork, by Federdistribuzione, he’s author of multiple speechs and monographies about Energy Management at ‘Politecnico di Milano, the Verona University and segment conferences.Amongst his most important realized projects there are the Full led lighting and the Full CO2 alimentary  refrigeration implemented on the major part of the web. The achievement of ISO 5001 certification for the entire Carrefour group Energy management is one of gis last finish lines. Member of the Advisory Board of Retail&amp&Food Energy, his main target is to make collegues and clients aware and prepared to a rational use of energy sources. Passion in his job and curiosity in observation of human behaviours make the direction of this work pointing at the change towards a sustainable consumption of energys sources.


Andrea Forni, founder of Investirobot.com and author of  “Robot. La Nuova Era”

Founder of Investirobot.com, advisory service that fills the gap between investors and robotics company. Specialized in robotic systems production, he’s also scouting italian startups on behalf of foreign investors. Author of ‘’ Robot. La Nuova Era”, China Machine Press, 2016, dedicated to investment opportunities in robotica. Coauthor of “La Ruota dei Mercati Finanziari”, Hoepli Editore, 2018. Author of a research that compares the growth and the internet bubble in the 90s published by  The Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation in 2016. Forni accomplished the international certification IFTA CFTe    Ha la certificazione internazionale ed è iscritto all’Albo dei Consulenti Finanziari. Vincitore del “SIAT Award 2010” come migliore analista tecnico dell’anno. Laureato in Economia e Commercio, ha un passato di ricercatore di Intelligenza Artificiale per applicazioni bancarie e di docente universitario d’informatica aziendale.


Mario Frullone, Chief of Research at Fondazione Ugo Bordoni

Since 2003 Chief of Research at Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, he coordinates scientific and application studies of the Fondazione on the following subjects: electronic communications, informatics, electronics, public services, radiotelevision as well as audiovisual and multimedia services. President at Elettra 2000 association, founded by the Università di Bologna, Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi and Fondazione Ugo Bordoni for the studies regarding the impact on health caused by electromagnetic field. He curated the contest procedures and has been auctioneer for fourth generation mobile systems. He also managed the Fondazione Bordoni operations regarding the transition to the digital terrestrial and has been advisor at DGTVi association from 2004 to 2006, filling the role of genral Secretary. He coordinated National Models definition activities for verifying the cover for both cellular and television systems, receiving several responsability assignments from Ministries. He contributed to the UMTS and GSM standards development, coordinating research activities and analysis in the framenwork of european initiatives dedicated to cellular systems evolution. He launched his own research activity in 1980 at the Fondazione Bordoni branch of Pontecchio Marconi, taking care of the optimisation of radioelectric spectres and radiomobile systems, in co-operation with the ‘Università di Bologna’.


Valerio Gridelli, AD VIASAT S.p.A.

Married, three kids, born neapolitan, he landed at Via Sat Spa in 2016, in the field of the ambitious project of further development of this company, a real excellence in satellitar security operating systems. His experience as a manger is long and brilliant, matured through the years in mainly multinational businness environments (Gruppo AXA Insurances, Europcar) as General Manager. In the last years, before passing to Viasat, he dedicated himself to the Automobile Club as chief of the ‘network direction’ first, and ‘commercial sector’ then, afterwards, for ACI Global.


Fabio Lalli, CEO di IQUII

CEO of IQUII, part of the Be Group, digital consulting company specialized in projects on mobile devices, wearable/IoT and digital strategies. Since over 15 years he’s consultant about ICT, aerospatial, banking. He planned digital platforms of 2.0 network enterprise, mobile apps and social gaming systems.Fond of communication strategies, marketing and new media, in 2010 he founded the ‘Indigeni Digitali’ Network and the relative no-profit association whose purpose is to spread the digital culture. He co-worked at the book “Enteprise 2.0” and wrote “Geolocalizzazione e Mobile Marketing”; “Wearable”. Professor at the Università di Perugia in Human-Computer Interaction, Lalli teaches at ilSole24ore, IED, IULM and the Digital Accademia.


Domenico Laudonia, Co-Founder ICONIUM Spa

Entrepreneur and Venture Capital Investor with strong focus on disruptive technologies and exponential business models including Blockchain, ICOs etc; Former Executive Director with relevant background in Digital Media, Wireless Technologies and Payments.  Current business focus: 1) Venture Design, Venture Building and Investments in high potential ventures and SMEs including ICOs and Blockchain based initiatives; 2) Corporate Innovation & Advisory Services for Large Enterprises and VC Funds, including Open Innovation, Acceleration Programs, Corporate Venture Capital programs.

Mentor in the followings : www.bheroes.it ; www.luissenlabs.it and www.lventuregroup.com ; www.unicreditstartlab.eu (Bank Unicredit Group) ; www.startupinitiative.com (Bank Intesa San Paolo Group) ; www.impacthub.net


Paolo Magni, Business Developer EIT Digital

Sr. Business Developer in the team Access to Market of the EIT Digital businness accelerator. He’s specialized in smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, intelligent transportation systems. Visiting professor at Politecnico di Milano concerning the 3D print and modeling. During his professional experiences he matured competences as mechanic designer, applicative analyst and R&D project manager. Graduated in Mechanical Engineer at the Università degli Studi di Parma after a thesis at the University of Bristol (UK), he refined his abilities and knowledge at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore where he tought where he earned a Master in Network Economy.


Edoardo Marcucci, Direttore TRE-Lab, Transport Research Laboratory, University of Roma Tre

Professor at the Politics Department of Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Visiting Professor at Molde Universtiy College, Norway. He’s been director of the Interdipartimental Centre of Economic Research of Institutions (2009/2016), associated founder at the International Transport Economics Association (2009) and its General Secretary (2010- 2014), Member of the Network on European Communications and Transport Activities Research (NECATR) and Co-Chair of Cluster 2. Member of the directive of thecommittee Società Italiana degli Economisti dei Trasporti of which he has been General Secretary (2004-2012).


Lorenzo Maternini, Vice President and co-Founder of Talent Garden

Vice President and co-Founder of Talent Garden, the greatest platform for digital innovation in Europe. Graduated in Technology-Enhanced Communication for Cultural Heritage at the Università della Svizzera Italiana. He worked at the Guggenheim of New York as new media consultant for school programs. Collaborates at the course “Gestione di contenuti digitali per i media, le imprese e i patrimoni culturali” (“Management of digital contents, for media, business enterprises and cultural heritage”) as visiting professor at the Faculty of Lettere e Filosofia dell’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Since 2017 he’s member of the Aspen Institute within the Junior Fellow program.


Enrico Mercadante, CISCO, Chief  at the Innovation, Architecture and Digital Transformation Departments, for Italy

Since 2017 Chief  at the Innovation, Architecture and Digital Transformation Departments, for Italy. Previously he’s been Director of the pre-sell team in the area of the Southern Europe area, and Manager of the Cloud Market Development in that region. Since 2000 in Cisco where he has been working as systems architect and then as tech-responsible for the market of italian alternative operators. He comes from an experience as Product Manager for Radiomobile solutions integrated on IP networks in Ericsson in Stockholm, and before as Systems Architect in Rome. Graduated in Telecommunications Engeneering at the Università la Sapienza in Roma.


Silvia Mion, Business Manager – Open Innovation H-FARM

She trained in the startup world end entered  the Zooppa Team, leader company in contents production in crowdsourcing modality. Here she delas with business development and the italian branch management. Currently she’s following open Innovation projects at H-FARM.


Nicola Mugnato, Founder of Gyala

In 2000, Nicola Mugnato founded a society with the purpose of technically supporting operative activities of national and international police, giving innovative competence and technologies. In this context he developed a complete hardware and software system for internet communications interception and advanced software spy-microdevices for the interceprion of single computers.  Thanks to the excelent results achieved, the company rapidly became leader in this sector in italy, and in 2007, it has been acquired by the Finmeccanica Group. Nicola Mugnato has become Chief of the Group Cyber Security of Finmeccanica, in charge for defining and implementing the entire security system for all the Finmeccanica branches worldwide with the aim of bettering their Cyber resistance. In 2015 he left the Group Finmeccanicaand founded Gyala, a new company that provides its high-level acquired competence fiving professional consultation and managed services of security to international and national infrastructures and institutions.


Ettore Murciano, Channel Sales and Alliances at Loop AI Labs Cognitive Computing

Murciano operates in the ICT sector since 1994, since 2009 in the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), company director. CEO of Kyoto Consulting, co-founder of Progaming, member of the Administration Advisory Board od several business enterprises specialized in internet services and technologies for Digital Security, member of the working group for the Safety tutor supply for the highway sector, Sky provider services. He also worked at Eurotech, Parkeon, Loop al Labs Inc.


Fernando Nardi, Associate Professor Univ. per Stranieri di Perugia

Hydraulics and Civil Engeneer with a PhD achieved at the Università la Sapienza of Rome, he is associate professor at Università per Stranieri of Perugia where he teaches the course ‘ Geointelligence e Gestione delle risorse idriche’. Since 2016 he’s Director of the Water Resources Research and Documentation Center (WARREDOC) at the Università per Stranieri di Perugia where he also fills the role of ‘Rettore al Trasferimento Tecnologico’.


Alfonso Quaglione, CEO at mediaGEO

CEO of mediaGEO, editor of the Geomedia and Archeomatica magazines, dedicated to those technologies applied to Territory, Environment and Cultural heritage. Moreover he’s on of the TECHNOLOGY for ALL Forum organiser. Graduated in economics, before he dedicated to communications 9in the sector of applied technologies, he matured a 20yo experience in information systems. First as analyst and then as project manager. He took part to several national and international projects in the field of complex solutions in the ICT security and tech apps for cultural heritage, civil service and the territory safeguard.


Maurizio Rossi, Founder CoCEO H-FARM

Graduated as ship captain afterwards vice champion of offshore powerboat racing, started his entrepreneurial carrier at the Rossi Group the family business mainly involved in the luxury and newspaper publishing businesses. On the early ’90 he founded a specific division of the group focused on action-sport apparel & equipment in charge to develop the international business via partnerships as well licenses of some of the most established brands and companies such as NoFear, Rusty, Spy Optics just to mention a few reaching in 10 years an important size. In between years 2002 and 2004 the acquisition of the footwear branch by the leading luxury holding LVMH as well of the main publishing arm created a major way out of the family from their current businesses, then spending one year to expand Yachtworld.com the leading yachting marketplace throughout the Mediterranean area. On 2005 Maurizio together with his partner Riccardo co-founded H-FARM to pioneer the startup industry over Italy and Europe. He is also an executive member of the VATC – Vatican Art & Technology Council, and member of KIN the Kellogg Innovation Network a worldwide innovators community related to the Northwestern Kellogg School of Chicago.


Giorgio Ventre, Director of the Electronics Engineering and Information Technologies Departments at the Univ. degli studi di Napoli Federico II. Scientific director of the iOS Developer Academy.

Professor of the Calculators Network at the Electronics Engineering and Information Technologies Departments at the Univ. degli studi di Napoli Federico II. Scientific director of the iOS Developer Academy. In 2000 he contributed to the foundation of ITEM national laboratory of research on Informatics and Multimedia telematics of the Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l’Informatica (CINI) of which he has been director from 2000 to 2004 and from 2013 to 2015. From 2003 to 2011 he’s been president of the Consorzio Campano di Ricerca per l’Informatica e l’Automazione Industriale (CRIAI). From his activities have born several spin-off and start-up in high-tech sectors: amongst them Tipic, Meetecho, NM2, Intertwine. In collaboration with Selex – SI (Gruppo Finmeccanica) and with Esaote he ha salso instituted two Hubs of research private-public in the fields of mission critical App Sostwares, ricerca pubblico-privato nei settori (COSMIC) and of diagnostics for images (ESALAB). Since 2014 he coordinates the ‘’programma futuro’’ initiative for MIUR, for the coding teaching in italian schools.


Paolo Venturini, European Chief of Training HR Formation for Amazon Operations

European Chief of Training HR Formation for Amazon Operations, he coordinates the on-boarding, training, formation and development activities of thousands of associates and managers based in the 50 Fulfillment Centers of Amazon in 8 European Countries. He’s been in charge during the launch of planning and operative management of the Sortation Centers di Amazon network, at the beginning for great britain and then for Europe. He filled difefrent international roles as multinational companies advisor working for the Bain&Company and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and of the Private Sector Development Division of the ’Organizzazione per la Cooperazione e lo Sviluppo Economico’ (OCSE). He gratuated in economics at the Universita Sapienza di Roma and achieved a MBA from the IESE Business School of Barcelona.