16th of May

May 16th–Innovation Forum 2018


9.30 – 16:00 Hall Leptis Magna

Plenary session Esri Italia Conference

This 2018 edition of the plenary session of the Esri Italia Conference is dedicated to the theme: “The Science of Where paradigm of 5.0 Italy“.

Following the establishment of the concept called ‘Industry 4.0’, the notion of Society 5.0 regards the promotion of a model of Information Society ,where digital transformation can represent a mean of enhancement of a better quality of life through domotica, smart city and smart agriculture systems, cybersecurity and helthcare innovative technologies.



  • Esri Italia President Bruno Ratti’s speech
  • Keynote by Carlo Ratti “cities of tomorrow” –prof. Carlo Ratti teaches at MIT in Boston; è architearchitect, engenneer and innovator, he explores, with his team of researchers, how new technologies affect the way we conceive, plan and live the cities. His spech will outline the path technology is walking in its evolution andnd how it is expected to be pervasive in the ‘Senseable City’.
  • Panel The Science of Where in a senseable world
  • This panel, hosted by Emilio Misuriello, CEO of Esri Italia, will be joined by prof. Carlo Ratti and by key people from the Industries and Services ecosystem. The panel will host: Massimo Comparini CEO of ‘E-Geos’/’Telespazio’, Roberto Battiston, President at Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, Marco Icardi CEO of ‘SAS Institute’, Renato Mazzoncini CEO of FS, Antonello Pellegrino general Manager for ‘Regione Sardegna’, Gianni Verga President at ‘Collegio Ingegneri e Architetti di Milano’.
  • The Science of Where Stories
  • This section of the plenary is committed to the presentation of the best practices at national and international level that show the advantages of the Science of Where services. On the stage will speak important testimonials of italian institutions and business enterprises.
  • Special guest at the plenary Session
  • GEOsmartcampus Innovation Forum
  • Conducted by GEosmartcampus, it will be a time of exchange, sharing and follow-up about the most relevant trends in Innovation.
  • Digital Trasformation is shaping the face of economics and society, the enterprises are nowaydays called to innovate their business models.
  • Marco Bicocchi Pichi, Italia Startup President, Entrepreneur & Business Angel, Strategy Consultant

From Frontiers to Web: the new geography of connectivity’’

In the last 40 years we’ve been living a considerable change of dimension and speed, of which intensity and impact have definitely not yet run out of their effects. That’s what the McKinsey Global Institute called the ‘‘no-ordinary disruption’’. From the concept of zygmunt baumann’s ‘’Liquid Society’’ to the geopolitcs of “connectography” by Parag Khanna, ICT from PC technologies (1981), to the  Satellite TV and then Internet and browsers (1994), to the latest smartphone (2007) have accelerated global trends within the notions of Location and Frontiers.

Maurizio Rossi, Founder of CoCEO H-FARM, member of Kellogg Innovation Network, member of Future.io, member of Vatican Art Technology Council, board of Science Gallery Venice

Open innovation strategy

From the exploration of the context, the analysis of the emerging innovative solutions, to the development of an effective and integrated cooperation with startup business’.

Giorgio Ventre, ‘Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e delle Tecnologie dell’Informazione’ Director at Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II. Scientific Director at iOS Developer Academy

Lorenzo Maternini, Vice President Corporate & Partner Relations Talent Garden

Digital Transformation and enterprises: how new technologies are changing economics

New technologies are changing the canons of society and economics, business enterprises need to innovate their trading ways in order to resist in a increasingly fluid and fast-moving market. That’s where specific competences in people capable of leading business SMEs and major industries in this digital transformation time are most required: with the purpose of putting organization processes, products and services on a higher level through the most innovative digital methodologies and technologies.


13.00 – 14.30 BUSINESS LUNCH


14.30-16:00 Hall Leptis Magna

  • Highlights and top news – Esri technology
  • Through demo live and intersting applications presentations, Esri Italia experts will explain how technologies favour the development of solutions and the sinergy between the Science of Where and the various Industries’ sectors.



16.30 – 18.30 Venue Merida

16:30 – 17:30Open Innovation e Corporate Venture Capital: opportunities of collaboration between mature business enterprises and startups’’

Chairman: Federico Barilli

– Luca Baldazzi, Electronics Project Manager /Field Application Engineer Manager at Arrow Italy

– Flavia Benedetti Valentini, Innovation Specialist at Enel

– Emilio Misuriello, CEO of Esri Italia

During the panel there will be illustrated the 2° Observatory Open Innovation and Corporate Venture Capital data, realized in 2017 by Italia Startup, Assolombarda and Smau in co-operation with Cerved and BTO Research. Moreover business firms and startups will tell about successful business models with the purpose of improving awareness abouth all those important phenomena that are featuring the Italian innovation field.

17:30 – 18:15 ‘’Geolocation between innovation and privacy; Fiscal legislation supporting innovation’’

Italo De Feo, Partner at CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasela Scaroni

Special Event : Venue Spalato

16.30 – 18:00 Journalism: Innovation and Technology

Esri Italia in co-operation with Geosmartcampus, Geoknowledge Foundation and Greenaccord.

A time of deepening dedicated to journalists and professionals working at contents.

Information in the Digital Transformation era is about offering the reader digital applications more and more advanced that allow to explore in a good deep way every aspect of the news, starting with the ‘where’ the event is taking place and from how is is impacting on the territory, at a global and local scale.