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GEOmedia is the first Italian magazine of character scientific-popular geomatica. From two decades it publishes matters connected to the technologies of the processes of acquisition, analysis and interpretation of the data, particularly instrumental, related to the terrestrial surface. In this sector GEOmedia faces cultural and technological themes for the operatività of the employees to the sectors of the geographical informative systems and the inventory, of the fotogrammetria and cartography, of the geodesy and topography, of the aerial and spatial telerilevamento, with a technical-scientific and popular approach. (To learn more)



Quine Business Publisher ia a publishing house active as B2B editorial partner through which traders -producers, professionels- can communicate and make business in Italy and abroad. They publish magazines about energetic efficiency and thermotechnics building plants, as for construction, for a sustainable wellbeing and for the improvement of all the professions related. (To learn more)