Scientific partners

The Scientific Association for Digital Health, ASSD, deals with Information and Communication Technology applied to the medical and public-health assistance. Amongst his goals ASSD pursues the dissemination of an e-Health culture also carrying out specific training programmes as part of both academic and post-graduate studies. To learn more



FIRE is an association recognized without finality of profit that promotes the efficient use of the energy and the sustainability, supporting enterprises and operators of the sector through informative and formative actions and tools for the energy management, with the support of over 450 partners. To learn more


The Link Campus University is founded in 1999 to Rome as filiazione in Italy of the university of Malta and in September 2011 you/he/she is recognized what non government University of the Italian University arrangement.Today the center is at the street Hamlet of St. Pious V, that that, once it was the summer residence of Pious Pope V. Among the center in Rome and that of Naples, they are over 3mila the affiliate, between courses and master.


NITEL – National Intercollegiate Consortium for Transports and Logistics, is a no-profit educational association, founded in 2003. s to promote the best practice, the scientific research, the innovation, creating job opportunities for researchers in multi-disciplinary sectors that involve engineering, business, medicine, telecommunications, environment, chemistry and communication. The Universities of the Consortium represent highly expert entities that take advantage of existing expertise and that encourage the research and the innovation. To learn more


Pentapolis Onlus is an association of journalists ad communicators promoting Environment, Social Responsability and Sustainable Development aiming at the dissemination of an “Eco-Rinaissance of Urban Communities”, at the glocal level. To learn more


Born in 1957 in Turin on intuition of the prof. Fred Maria Pacces and with the support of the principal economic and entrepreneurial Turinese realities, the School of Industrial Administration (SAI). SAS is one of the first and more meaningful examples of strategic collaboration between the academic world and that entrepreneurial one for the formation of managerial resources. In December 1974 SAI turns its  name into School of Business Administration SAA of the University of Turin.


Stati Generali dell’Innovazione (SGI) is a not-for-profit association established in 2011 with the goal of facilitating a shared perspective for innovation policies in Italy. SGI is deeply committed – in synergy with other associations, civil society representatives, political movements, institutions, etc. – to contribute to the improvement of Italian (and European) Institutions and socio-cultural development of our Countries. To learn more


WARREDOC (Water Resources Research and Documentation Center), founded in 1985, it is the center of search on the waters of the university for Foreigners of devoted Perugia to the development of programs and projects of applied search, advanced formation and scientific communication in the sector of the water resources, of the environment and of the management and mitigation of the natural risks and antropici for the sustainable development.