Acceleration program

GSC proposes tools directed to the development of Innovative Solutions, Technology Transfer and the Creation of new Enterprises, through its program of Acceleration and its Stakeholder Community’s support.

Our program of acceleration all-inclusive, destined to the most innovative projects, from the possibility to enter for a 3 year-old maximum period, to our base collaboratives access the experience professional competences and technologies of acceleration of our Stakeholder Community.

The innovating teams have the possibility of:
– to use, in operation of the solution to be developed the bases of our technological partners;
– to form him, in operation of the solution to be developed, on the products and technological services of our technological partners;
-professional support in the development of his/her own solution in the phases of the “Project Life Cycle” to be able to complete with success the project;
– the services of networking for the individualization of competences and necessary resources to the development of the project;
– support and orientation to the selection of specific consultations;
– I support in the search of partner, finalized to facilitate the report business with potential player of technological, productive and commercial nature in national and international field;
– I support to the search of clients, the development of the commercial activity in national and international field;
– to insert their CV inside the Geosmartcampus Consultingthe basic date of the essential advisors of the GEOsmartcampus and to receive possible offers of job;
– events involvement meets, fairs and formative interventions organized by the GSC;
– involvement in the activities of communication and develop Brand Awareness GCS;

The circles are inside macro sectors:

– Agricolture
– Banking
– Cultural heritage
– Energy
– Environment
– Gaming
– Governance
– Health
– Insurance
– Living
– Logistics
– Manufactoring
– Mobility
– Real estate
– Security
– Space
– Tourism
– Transportation
– Water