Innovation Consulting

We support and develop Open Innovation programs in order to foster innovation in processes, services and business products for enterprises, thanks to the repository of knowledge of its Innovation Community capable to provide startups technologies and innovative solutions.

Networking services set for the access to competences and resources required to the development of enterprises and innovative projects. From the business Team definition moment to the recruitment of key-characters in the enterprise development, searching for partners, in order to ease relationships in business with potential partners in finance and technology.

We study long term plans aimed to creat and develop a brand that can generate value, capable of communicating to public institutions and reach measurable targets and establish itself on the market.

When needed to attract consensus and attention, we are talented in giving shape and a catchy touch to your business stories.

We listen to the market and its trends from the protagonists’ voices, in order to analyze and interpret the marker requirements grounding our considerations in latest techniques of analysis for the purpose of identify and design contents and strategies functional to the Brand, the public, the targets and channels detected.

We realize innovative digital portals and interactive solutions conceived for your demands and goals.

Our passion and creativity for production and realization of institutional videoclips, documentaries, promos, spots, viral videos, events shootings.

Creativity and concreteness to realize exclusive events in accordance with communication campaign strategies, aiming to share emotions, spread messages, collect consensus and introduce customers to our community.

Emotional Experience as key to elaborate ideas meant to the creation of the message and the image linked to the product.