Solution Speech Area

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On the 11th of April within the Expo Area some of the Geosmartcampus Accelerated Solutions -projects in course of business acceleration- will deliver a Pitch in order to present tehir Innovative Solutions:

  • h 12.00 KIMAP by Kinoa
  • h 12.15 Asbestos Free by Aerodron
  • h 12.30 BIM Data Driven Energy Planner by Gruppo Isc
  • h 12.45 Truckup by Switchup
  • h 15.00 GeoGuard by Gred



April11th – h 12pm

KIMAP –  Accelerated Solution by Geosmartcampus

Kimap, first navigator for people with motor disabilities. Smart cities made accessible thanks to Artificial Intelligence

The solution is conceived to help users with motor disabilities in order to ease mobility through an innovation technology operating on smartphone apps and constiting in interactive navigation maps that embody accessibility levels of urban and extraurban spaces.

Speaker: Tommaso Rossi Partner, CTO Kinoa

April 11th – h 12.15pm

Asbestos Free – Accelerated Solution by Geosmartcampus

Asbestos Free – Asbestos Mapping with SAPR Systems

The Solution was created as a safeguard tool to face the presence of asbestos in cities. The computer-based analysis of aerial images (with algorithms of ownership developed in collaboration with italian research labs), combined with closer images shot by drones, allow to classify and map the state of conservation of roofs/canopies containing asbestos, within municipal areas.

Speaker: Fausto Ugozzoli, Project Manager e Business Developer, Co-founder



April 11th – h 12.30pm

BIM Data Driven Energy Planner – Accelerated Solution by Geosmartcampus

BIM Data Driven Energy Planner – ISC Group

The Solution places BIM technology in support of the energetic efficiency: the BIM Data Driven Energy Planner. It consists of a whole of tools and procedures to design a real-estate census, in order to know the overall energy consumption, analyse the building stock, define priorities in interventions, estimate the energy demand, monitor interventions results, making all these results accessible to whom it may concern. BIM Data Driven Energy Planner represents a preliminary tool in support of energetic diagnosis, it doesn’t replace it.

Speaker: Antonio Martino, Gruppo ISC


April 11th – 12.45pm

Truckup – Accelerated Solution by Geosmartcampus

Truckup – Solution dedicated to vehicles fleets management

Digital Transformation of procedures in Transportation sector nowadays offers a precious support to logistics. Thanks to digital platforms and apps that are integrated with the Transport Management System is already possible to answer the current needs of these activities.

Speaker: Gianluca Boarini, CEO SwitchUp srl


April 11th – 3pm

GeoGuard – Accelerated Solution by Geosmartcampus

GeoGuard – Solution dedicated tomonitoring services for natural risks and infrastructures

GeoGuard is an innovative service end-to-end, based on low.cost GNSS tools. It comprehends actiivities and systems for the implementation of tailored solutions for the detection of movements od structures or lands, with the highest millimetric precision.

Speaker: Eugenio Rainini, Senior Researcher and BoD member at GReD (Geomatics Research & Development)