27 forecasts on our future looking through the AI crystal ball

“By 2030, AI — or using Joi Ito’s phrase, extended intelligence — will value and revalue virtually every area of human behavior and interaction. AI and advancing technologies will change our response framework and time frames (which in turn, changes our sense of time). Where once social interaction happened in places — work, school, church, family environments — social interactions will increasingly happen in continuous, simultaneous time.”

Robert D. Atkinson

“Imagine being subject to repeated document checks as you travel around the country because you know a number of people who are undocumented immigrants and your movements therefore fit the profile of an illegal immigrant. And you are not sure whether to protest because you don’t know whether such protests could encourage an algorithm to put you into a ‘suspicious’ category which could get you harassed even more often.”

Stavros Tripakis

Here you are a slideshow of what 27 experts from all over the world expect – best and worst scenarios- in the near future from the AI technology applications.

To learn more read the article written by Eric Mack on Medium Inc.

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