GEOmeetup University Lab 2017: ‘From the Idea to the Enterprise’

On May 16th the city of Perugia will host the GEOmeetup University Lab 2017. 10 stages, 10 universities, 10 Themes to meet, share, influence and favour the birth of new Enterprises.
The events are addressed to those who believe in Digital Innovation and in Digital Geography as a tool of competitiveness and development of the enterprises for a change conceived to fulfill the needs of People and Environment, of citizens and of the natural and cultural heritage.

The GEOsmartcampus heritage, first thematic business acccelerator (, is patronized by the GeoKnowledge Foundation and supported by Esri Italia, SAA-School of business administration of the Torino University, WARREDOC University for foreigners of Perugia, Infor Elea, CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni and GEOmedia.

GEOmeetUp in order to:
– Strenghten fructuous relations between ‘Talents’, Startup, SME, Universities and Research Institutes
– Involve Universities as an access point to knowledge necessary to transform into Innovation, looking through the lens of a process of economic development, according to the model of Industry 4.0
– meet new Talents and ease the birth of new business enterprises
– promote Innovation for SME

The appointment is going to be a chance to know the GEOsmartcampus program of business acceleration committed to the realization of business opportunities for young professionals, startup, SME and smart projects bearers.
An Innovative program based on technologies sharing and on the business culture knowledge. A two-days meeting between the creative potential and the productive realities, locally, nationally and globally.
A chance for the Team Innovators to present their own projects and partecipate to the GEOsmartcampus business acceleration program in order to turn into Reality their projects of Solutions.

The Innovator Teams who are interested can present their own Solution sending an email to with their references and a short description of their business plan.

The first two stages of the Tour:

Palazzo Gallenga, WARREDOC University for Foreigners of Perugia

SAA-School of Business Administration at the University of Torino