SMART MOBILIY: 16th of June GEOmeetup in Turin

On the 16th of June GEOmeetup University Lab 2017 will be in Tutin to deal with the Theme of ‘’SMART MOBILITY’’ at the Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale (SAA) dell’Università degli Studi di Torino.
Business enterprises and professionels of this area of expertise, joint with the GEOsmartcampus accelerate projects,  will be protagonists of the ‘Open Talk’.


9:30   Introduction and Welcome
9.45   GEOsmartcampus, from the Idea to the Enterprise

·    Presentation of the Business acceleration program– Guido Fabbri – CMO GEOsmartcampus
·    The Science of Where – Digital Geography as a tool of competitiveness and business development – Claudio Carboni – Technology Evangelist Esri Italia
·    CISCO for Mobility – Angelo Fienga – CISCO Architect Mobility
·    Innovation Safeguard- – Italo de Feo – Partner CMS

10:30  Open Talk “Smart Mobility”

The future of Mobility and the Market technological challenges
Lead by Gianluigi Ferri, CEO Innovability.
·    Emilio Misuriello – AD Esri Italia
·    Carlo Colomba – Presidente Infor Elea
·    Angelo Fienga – CISCO Architect Mobility
·    Dr.ssa Natalia Ranza AD di Dolomitibus
·    Francesca Vanzetti – Codex Agenzia di sviluppo

12:00  Start Up in Action

Isenet, Sky4App e Utopia. 3 accelerated projects, Drones, IoT, VR

12:15  Conclusion

12:30  Present your Solution: join  GEOsmartcampus

Digital Transformation is deeply shaping  the profile of the world of Mobility, influencing the reingeenering of production of more and more sustainable processes, the management&control methods and the production of Innovative means of Transport.
Smart Mobility is increasingly market out by the employment of Artificial Intelligence, by the capacity to be non-stop online, by the selfdriving or driveless car based methods and by the use of car sharing and electric energy.
The Future Car will be Smart and Sustainable.

If you are a Team Innovator show us your Project and you’ll be qualified to participate to the GEOsmartcampus business acceleration program to realize your Solution.
The Team Innovators who are interested in presenting their own Solution can send an email to with their references and a short description of the project.
To learn more about the Tour and how to participate, visit the dedicated GEOmeetUp webpage.

GEOmeetUp in order to:
– Strenghten fecund reltions between Talents, Startup, PA, Universities and Research Institutes
– Involve Universities as an access point to Know-how with the aim at turning  it into Innovation within the perspective of an economic development process according to the Industry model 4.0
– Know new Talents and foster the birth of new business’
– Promote Innovation in PA