MoniTower Call for Innovation

TERNA and DM Energytech, partnership among Digital Magics, business incubator, and it
Summarizes, innovative societies of energetic services, launch the Call for Innovation ‘MoniTower,
The pylon of the future’: a new energy to the service of the territory turns to all the startups and
innovative PMI that knows how to propose applications and value services added, and that is able
to exploit, or to valorize in terms of management and data transmission or through processes of
energy harvesting, the potentialities of the IoT in different circles of interest as:

-Services for the environmental protection;

-Safety services (prevention of illegitimate activity);

-Services for the net Net of National (RTN) Transmission.

All the hypothesized services must use the data purchases and picked through the infrastructure
Terna (System of installed sensors on the pylons) and available on a base cloud.

The objective of the Call for Innovation is to individualize the best solutions. In degree to bring a
Royal innovation – exploiting to full all the potentialities of the Base Terna. The objective will be to
individualize the start-ups held more proper for to develop new solutions of business through a
possible run of commercial partnership.
The winning startup will have access to an European grant of 15000. Other deserving startup in
contest can earn him the possibility to collaborate to projects Terna.
The term for the presentation of the projects has fixed to September 30 th 2018 through the webpage