Alibaba’s smart screen to let blind people too shop online

The multinational enterprise Alibaba is experimenting a low-cost thin sylicon film to apply on smartphone screens integrated by three Braille buttons that will ease web surfing to people with visual impairment. The “Smart Touch”project has been developed by the prestigious chinese Tsinghua University within the Damo Academy research pole.

This good helpful creation is going to bring quite a change in blind people’s everyday life in their virtual interaction with the world through the internet web, and not only on the online-shopping side, but potentially all the functions can pass through those three openly-configurable buttons.

Moreover what makes this  a real breaktrough technology i its incredibly low- cost: the production cost of a single film is 3.6 cents of dollar, which, in the ends of such giant as Alibaba is, makes an impressive worldwide scalability almost already done. ”The technology is ready: we only need time to test it on different devices in order to reach a significant number of users” said Mrs. Chen Zhao, researcher at the Damo Academy.

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